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Friday, May 16, 7:00PM


The Gaze

Noelle Dudridge, Canada, 2013, 1:44 min.

Exploring the concept of the common space all women share, The Gaze, questions notions of acceptable female behavior and appearance in the patriarchal society.


Kailey Bryan, Canada, 2013, 3 min.

Cold light, soft body. Old tools, deft hands. Tiny pricks, wiry resolve. A contemplative video about the extrusion of identity through craft processes and nylons.


Jesi The Elder, Canada, 2014, 3:08 min.

Blossom is an animated diary where a singular image of a naked woman is continuously contorting in varying shapes, each one representing a particular feeling.

Little Vulvah and Her Clitoral Awareness

Sara Koppel, Denmark, 2013, 4:30 min.

A little girl wakes up as from a dream, aroused by the birds of pleasure that dresses her up in her "curious" dress. She sets out to explore nature, and feels the seasons' shivering changes. She gets absorbed in strange rooms of delight while developing into a young woman.

Camp Beaverton: Meet the Beavers, The Movie.

Beth Nelsen and Ana Grillo, USA, 2013, 62 min.

Camp Beaverton is the only all women, trans-inclusive sex positive camp at Burning Man to date. Burning Man is a radical arts festival and social experiment held for 8 days in a desert in northern Nevada, USA. The Beavers create an experimental community camp that hosts play parties, clit-tail social hours, educational workshops, and the infamous Strap-on-a-thon, possibly the largest play party for women on the planet. They are a close community of queers, lesbians, bisexuals, transgendered and straight women engaged in radical self expression, open communication and exploring their personal and sexual boundaries.

Friday, May 16, 9:00PM


Fresh Fruit

Diane Busuttil, Germany/Italy, 2013, 9:21 min.

Fresh Fruit explores the inner yearnings of a bored hostess, as she tastes a cornucopia of sweet and juicy offerings.

The Foxy Merkins

Madeleine Olnek, USA, 2014, 81:20 min.

Two lesbian hookers make their way through a world of bargain-hunting housewives and double-dealing conservative women in this subversive buddy comedy, an homage to and riff on iconic male hustler films.

Named one of the 10 great LGBT Films From This Years Sundance Film Festival – IndieWIRE.
The Foxy Merkins takes us on an outrageous urban adventure that is altogether uproarious, subversive, and poignant. – from the Sundance Institute’s Next Weekend Program Guide.
Odd, poignant, both profane and strangely innocent, and above all, shockingly funny...a comic bonanza of mind games, sexual stereotypes and unexpected love. – Huffington Post

Friday, May 16, 11:00PM


Rituels Queer

Richard E. Bump and Ryan Conrad, USA, 2013, 12 min.

Filmed over the course of four sessions, the intergenerational filmmaker duo chronicled one couple's evolving relationship through various grooming, sexual and boyhood rituals (shaving, bathing, building a fort, etc.) This intimate and at times erotic portrait highlights the intricacy and complexity of relationships, and asks the viewer to consider what images one chooses to focus on and why.

Age of Consent

Charles Lum and Todd Verow, USA, 2013, 88 min.

The story of the HOIST, London's first and only Gay Fetish Bar, coincides with the history of AIDS, gay gentrification, and the ongoing struggle to decriminalize homosexual activity in the United Kingdom. It includes interviews with barmen, patrons, trans-men, the human rights activist Peter Tatchell and AIDS emeritus Dr. Joseph Sonnabend.

...brutal, brash and beautifully shot. It’s the perfect homage to the nation’s favourite past time, and it’s no doubt going to piss people off…That’s why we’re in love. – Lucy Cave – The Hollywood News - thehollywoodnews.com
Age of Consent is an important documentary that needs to be seen by as wide an audience as possible. – Chirs Pate – The Edge - theedgesusu.co.uk