no name five | 7:30pm | Friday, September 16


Regina Public Library Film Theatre - 2311 12th Avenue / Lower Level

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To The Farmhouse

Sarah Hill, 11:00 min

To the Farmhouse navigates the hostile relationship between the filmmaker’s ordained mother, who is portrayed as an owl, and Sarah’s transness. The narrative-based audio focuses on internal introspection through short autobiographical vignettes. In To the Farmhouse, time is suspended, sped up, reversed, and slowed down through stop motion techniques. Time claws and scratches, floats in and out of reality and ultimately builds a new foundation.


Adrian Garcia Gomez, 5:00 min

A frenetic experimental animation that documents the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter protests as they intersect in springtime Brooklyn. Shot during isolation on a phone, the video explores the effects of imposed distance on touch and intimacy, the proximity of an invisible virus and invisible deaths and the revolt against the racist, corrupt systems that commodify, exploit and render their most vulnerable citizens disposable. The video also parallels the current uprisings with the queer liberation movement which began as a riot at Stonewall and was led in large part by trans people of

The Bed and the Street

Heather Frise & Mike Hoolboom, 4:30 min

A love story set in the global anti-austerity demonstrations. As citizens take back their streets, two women meet and fall in love. What geometry of desire will help overthrow the state? What micro-politics of sharing and communality will provide fuel for demonstrations that will remove and replace the neoliberal consensus? Cast in a palimpsest of images and sounds, as if there were no way to separate inside and out, the street and the bedroom.


Mahsa Merci, 3:30 min

Limbo’s short digital animation created out of artist Mahsa Merci’s mind, rooted in her challenges as an LGBTQ artist living in Iran. The society she comes from, just like most parts of the world, tends to recognize only two genders, male and female. But Iran is a country that completely ignores the LGBTQ community, and they also face legal challenges not experienced by non-LGBTQ residents. In Iran, people can legally change their sex, although sexual activity between members of the same sex is illegal and can be punishable by death. The government force transgender people to choose out of Female and Male and their identity recognized through sex-reassignment surgery. Mahsa evokes her feelings and state of mind through this animation.


Lina Wu, 3:00 min

Rain to Eaves imagines new and different ways of being in relation as lovers, unravelling the intimate and amorphous dynamic that winds between two bodies, exploring thoughts, daydreaming, and endless possibilities of re-envisioning what could have been.


Kijatai-Alexandra Veillette-Cheezo, 2:45 min

A lyrical film ode to the odehimin or heart berry. A two-spirit Anishnaabe person finds themself in a dark place with their body. They undertake a healing journey, stating aloud their intentions and reconnecting with the land and the water for strength. As they get more in touch with their body and the beings around them, we begin to see them heal.

All Falls Down

oberon strong, 6:00 min

Shot entirely on a VHS camera, All Falls Down launches us into a digital hell-loop in which the transgender antagonist comes to terms with ideas of home, anxiety, intimacy, our inevitable death, longing, and the conversation between obsolete and current technologies.

Girls Grow Up Drawing Horses

Joanie Wind, 7:23 min

A woman explores gender roles, heteronormativity, and the life of her deceased grandmother through horses and other visual metaphors.

Think About the Beautiful Future Ahead

Diego BragÄ, 3:41 min

When a beloved uncle died, he left behind an inheritance made of love.


Declan McKenna, 1:47 min

In bEACH, the lasting sensations of memories are told through the medium of the body. Through presenting these experiences, the visual and the physical, on the skin, I aim to share the corporeal effects of spending time with someone you love.

In Our Being/Sa Aming Pagkatao

Ghislan Timm & Jann Earl Q. Madariaga, 8:00 min

An experimental autobiographical film that converges two queer people of colour’s perspectives from the Philippines and Canada into one narrative body. Body parts (mouths, chests, arms, eyes) filter in evanescent motion between frames, referencing early cinema while eerily anticipating an uncertain future. As a cross-continental virtual production, “In Our Being/Sa Aming Pagkatao” explores themes of alienation, queerness, Afro-futurism, and the flux of selfconcept through collage-making and performance art.

Ever Wanting (for Margaret Chung)

Tina Takemoto, 6:20 min

Inspired by San Francisco’s first Chinese American female physician, this film envisions the euphoria and despair of Margaret Chung and her insatiable desire for women and celebrity through her forays into drugs, sapphic surgeries, and queer flights of fancy.

For Creation

Deborah Louise Kelly, 7:00 min

For Creation is an elaborate contemplation of the great weight, the myriad complexity, the glittering webs of matter and sentience. Combining playful proposition, ardent queerness, elegy and homage, Kelly’s animated paper collage, made over 3 years, forms a call to congregants of creation.