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Performance Artists

Kris Canavan

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

The mirror is fractured, shattered & kaleidoscopic
Fuck the reflections, become the hammer.

Canavans’ art practice is rooted very much in the use of their body and its resources and is largely aktion based. They see their methods of creation throughout artworks [both past and present] as a political ownership of their body, a rejection of the status quo and subservience that is expected of us by the state - essentially a gesture of defiance and dissent. Blunt trauma, bodily fluids and products, loving embraces and numerous symbols have all been utilised to convey/relay the message. From images containing mythological metaphors for failure and futility to statements of love and through aktions of conflict and rage they have sought to make beautiful images that convey collective shame, social decay, loss, longing and the desire for a level playing field through ritualised aktion, self sacrifice and labour intensive durational works. Since graduating from UWE Bristol in 2004, alongside their solo practice, Canavan has made collaborative works with Manuel Vason, Dominic Johnson, Franko B, Nick Kilby, Llewyn M·ire and TRANS/HUMAN amongst others. Canavan is an amino Associate Artist. This will be Kris’ first time performing in North America.


Robert Hardaker

London, UK

Hardaker Graduated from De Montfort University with a 1st Class Honours Degree in Fine Art in 2012. Hardaker’s work has been shown at numerous national performance platforms including Tempting Failure, IPA, SPILL, Circuit Performance Platform and Little Wolf Parade. In 2015 Hardaker received ACE funding to develop CHANT (cleanse) which premiered at SPILL 2015. Hardaker regularly collaborates with Alicia Radage creating work which subverts the social gender binary through transformative actions. In 2016 Hardaker will be starting a MA in Contemporary Arts Practice at The Royal College of Art.Their practice aims to recollect a supposed co-existing consciousness and memory aided by the curation of a space and the highlighting of the senses. Through bodily action they form their own likeness, memories and emotions around themselves; the audience is a malleable entity who can choose to become part of this dialogue. Audience are not forced into experiencing a set of emotions, yet are guided by the artist into singular, fleeting moments of involvement. The body becomes a vessel for intimacy and reaction; works are seemingly impossible but necessary tasks, full of supposed contradictions. Robert’s appearance at Performatorium marks his inaugural performance in North America.


Zachari Logan

Regina, Canada

Zachari Logan is a Canadian artist working mainly in drawing, ceramics and installation practices. His work has been exhibited widely in group and solo exhibitions throughout North America and Europe including: Athens, Amsterdam, Atlanta, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Cincinnati, Chicago, Calgary, Edmonton, Grenoble, London, Los Angeles, Miami, Montreal, New York, Ottawa, Regina, Paris, Seattle, Tampa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Verona and Vienna and can be found in public and private collections worldwide. Logan has attended residencies in Paris in conjunction with Galerie Jean Roch Dard, in rural Tennessee at Sassafras ARC/Liberty, in Calgary through ACAD’s Visiting Artist Program, in Vienna several times through both the Museum Quartier’s quartier21: Artist in Residence Program and project space Schliefmuhlgasse 12-14, and in London at Angus-Hughes Gallery. In the spring of 2015 Logan attended the International Studio and Curatorial Program, and returned to NYC during the winter of 2016 as artist in residence at Wave Hill Botanical Gardens in the Bronx. His work has been featured in many publications worldwide.


Emilio Rojas

Mexico /Chicago, USA

Emilio Rojas is a multidisciplinary artist, working primarily with the body in performance, using film, video, photography, installation, public interventions and sculpture. Rojas utilizes his body in a political & critical way, as an instrument to unearth removed traumas, embodied forms of decolonization, migration, mourning & poetics of space. Besides his artistic practice, Rojas is also a translator, translator, community activist and anti-oppression facilitator with queer, migrant, and refugee youth. He holds a BFA from Emily Carr University and lived in unceded Coast Salish Territories of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations in Canada, since 2008 (aka Vancouver). Last year he moved to Chicago, where he is pursuing an MFA in the performance department at SAIC. He has attended numerous residencies including the Banff Centre, Elsewhere Museum, the Surrey Art Gallery, the Botin Foundation, Hammock Residency, and Pirate Camp: Stateless Pavilion at the 54th Venice Biennale. His works have been exhibited in the US, Mexico, Canada, Japan, Austria, England, Greece, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Australia. His work is represented by Galería José de la Fuente in Spain.


Keijaun Thomas

New York, USA

Keijaun Thomas creates live performance and multimedia installations that oscillate between movement and materials that function as tools, objects and structures as well as a visual language that can be read, observed and repeated within spatial, temporal and sensorial environments. Her work investigates the histories, symbols and images that construct notions of Black identity within black personhood. Thomas examines, deconstructs and reconstructs notions of visibility, hyper-visibility, passing, trespassing, eroticized and marginalized representations of the black body in relation to disposable labor, domestic service and notions of thingness amongst materials addressing blackness outside of a co-dependent, binary structure of existence. Thomas earned their Masters degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Thomas has shown work both nationally and internationally in Los Angles, Portland, Chicago, Boston, New York, Miami, and Taipei, Paris, Mexico City, Santiago, and the United Kingdom. Her performance at Performatorium will be Keijuan’s premiere in Canada.


Lechedevirgen Trimegisto

Queretaro, Mexico

Felipe Osornio, known as Lechedevirgen Trimegisto, is a visual and performance artist focused on issues such as popular religions, the sick body and violence and homophobia and is an important representative of the cuir (queer) scene and Latin American posporno. He graduated in Visual Arts from the Fine Arts Faculty of the Autonomous University of Queretaro (UAQ), was the beneficiary as an artist with trajectory in the Incentives Program for Creation and Artistic Development 2014 and winner of the government program Youth Awards 2015. Felipe is currently completing his Masters in Contemporary Art and Visual Culture and is a member of Cuerpo en Red, an academic research group from the Science and Technology National Council. His most significant works include projects Inferno Varieté and Campos del Dolor. He has performed in Spain, England, Scotland, Italy, United States and Mexico. This will be Lechedevirgen’s first performance in Canada.


Francis Marion Moseley Wilson

Cleveland, USA

Francis Marion Moseley Wilson is an artist whose current work, incorporating taxidermy into live art, focuses on the experience of ‘between-ness’ and exploration of the boundaries between life/death, human/non-human, and sanitary/unsanitary. She has a Bachelor’s of Music from Oberlin Conservatory in Ohio, USA, and a Master’s of Arts from Brunel University in London. She is planning her return to the UK in 2017 to begin her PhD research on how performing taxidermy intersects with complex ethics surrounding human-animal relations, death rituals, and disgust. This performance marks Francis’ inaugural Canadian presentation.


Writer in Residence

Daniella Sanader

Toronto, Canada

Daniella Sanader is a writer regularly explores associative and speculative modes for thinking and writing about contemporary art, ones that emphasize queer/feminist frameworks, messy feelings, and embodied experience. She holds an MA in Art History from McGill University, and has written essays and reviews for Canadian Art, C Magazine, Susan Hobbs Gallery, BlackFlash, Forest City Gallery. Daniella’s writing on Queer City Cinema and Performatorium will appear in an upcoming on-line issue of Canadian Art.